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3-2-1 – Launch! Aces Down is Up

As of this date in 2015, Aces Down has been officially launched upon the world.


Solitary witch Norah Cartwright settled in Colorado’s silver country, seeking protection from vengeful werewolves and a place to rebuild her life. When her former boyfriend, Tristan Byrnes, shows up at her bar, Aces Down, it seems there’s not enough silver in them hills after all. At least, not for a werewolf determined to win back his mate. Instead of flowers, Tristan brings proof that the pack has been called off, but he never guessed that his proof was more time-bomb than peace-offering. When her past blows up in her face, is Norah strong enough to trust Tristan and defeat an attack from beyond the grave?

Aces Down evolved from a writing exercise given to our critique group, led by Bud Webster. I enjoyed meeting Norah and Tristan and their story captured me. With that famous line from Casablanca running through my brain – Of all the gin joints in all the towns…, I began to build on the short story in hopes of arriving at a longer, salable length story. ACES DOWN is the result – a romance where a betrayed witch must decide if she can trust her heart and her magic to save her.

I’ll be posting tidbits and promotion over on my facebook page and hope that you’ll join in the fun by posting and sharing, and perhaps buying, ACES DOWN!


Something Old, Something New

The only constant in life is change.


Don’t you love a play on words?

You know, blogging is a lot like standing in a Super Bowl stadium and trying to get the TV cameras to zoom in on your hand-made sign. A lot of effort into goes into that sign, but the chances of getting that cameraman to swing the lens your way are pretty slim. But you know, you pays your money and you takes your chance.

So I’m gonna be trying out some stuff here on Golinowski’s Gambol and we’ll see what sticks.

Happy Dancing & Tooting My Horn

Happy Dancing

Something Old/Aces Down – just sent my first round edits on Aces Down to my editor at The Wild Rose Press. Yep, I SOLD Aces Down to The Wild Rose Press! Yipee! My third release through The Wild Rose Press. And I get to work with Callie Lynn Wolfe again!

Something New/Editing trick – Every time you edit your writing, you (should) learn a new trick or hone an old one to make the process easier. This time, I did a search on “ly” in an adverb search and destroy mission. In almost every instance, there was a stronger way to phrase it. So I did.

“She moved away slowly” became “She eased away” or

“He turned quickly” became “He spun”

I was happy to discover that I had fewer adverbs than I expected – thanks to the efforts of my wonderful critique groups. And, as some folks would be quick to point out, in some instances I kept the adverb because it worked for me. We’ll see what my editor thinks.

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