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3-2-1 – Launch! Aces Down is Up

As of this date in 2015, Aces Down has been officially launched upon the world.


Solitary witch Norah Cartwright settled in Colorado’s silver country, seeking protection from vengeful werewolves and a place to rebuild her life. When her former boyfriend, Tristan Byrnes, shows up at her bar, Aces Down, it seems there’s not enough silver in them hills after all. At least, not for a werewolf determined to win back his mate. Instead of flowers, Tristan brings proof that the pack has been called off, but he never guessed that his proof was more time-bomb than peace-offering. When her past blows up in her face, is Norah strong enough to trust Tristan and defeat an attack from beyond the grave?

Aces Down evolved from a writing exercise given to our critique group, led by Bud Webster. I enjoyed meeting Norah and Tristan and their story captured me. With that famous line from Casablanca running through my brain – Of all the gin joints in all the towns…, I began to build on the short story in hopes of arriving at a longer, salable length story. ACES DOWN is the result – a romance where a betrayed witch must decide if she can trust her heart and her magic to save her.

I’ll be posting tidbits and promotion over on my facebook page and hope that you’ll join in the fun by posting and sharing, and perhaps buying, ACES DOWN!


I’m prepping to place my bet on ACES DOWN

Writing a novel takes a L-O-N-G time.

Getting it sold takes however long it takes.

Editing it takes less time, but seems longer.

Finally, you wait for your publisher to slip you into the production stream and then BAM!

You’ve got a Release Date and you’re off to the publicity races!

My latest entrant in that race is ACES DOWN and I’m in the line-up for launch on July 8th.

It’s a hot time at Aces Down when a witch and a shapeshifter square off against a vengeful ghost.


My newest Paranormal Romance will be available through my favorite publisher, The Wild Rose Press, as well as through Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

Stay tuned for more celebratory posts and some prize-winning opportunities.

Do you hear a train?

See the light at the end of the tunnel.

SNARKY RESPONSE: Just hope it’s not a freakin locomotive.


I am right at that point where the sense of anticipation is finely balanced with a sense of dread.

Let the fun begin!


My revisions to ACES DOWN have been fleshed out, and I believe I’ve feathered the plot and character changes into the original text pretty well. I’ve read it through on the screen, and now I’ve printed it out to read, marking out timeline, plot twists, romance points.



Aces Down Before Norah

It’s the final push to my personal revise&resubmit deadline, and now’s when it gets truly real.

  • Did I write a strong enough story?
  • Have I built a believable world with an intriguing setting?
  • Do my characters connect strongly enough to satisfy my readers?
  • Are my characters going to connect with the reader?
  • Have I written a good enough story to convince my readers to blithely disregard reality in favor of fantasy?
Tristan’s First Love


Granted, readers who might consider ACES DOWN will be expecting the kind of book I hope I wrote. Paranormal Romantic Suspense covers such a diverse landscape. Will my take on the genre provide adequate entertainment to keep them turning the pages?


Only time will tell.



If not, that light will be the flash of my revised submission imploding.

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