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Editing = Hard Copy of Galley + Coffee / Or Not

Writers are always asking themselves and each other, repeatedly, “when do you know you’re done?” with the draft, the edits, the book! It’s a hard question to answer. Even those far greater than I seem to have struggled with this question – why even Leonardo da Vinci said, “Art is never finished, only abandoned.”

I usually make the call when the thought of reading through my current WIP makes me green about the gills. If I’m that tired of it, it’s time to set it free! Hmm, something about that doesn’t quite sound right, but it’s in the ballpark.

Anyway, I was reviewing my galley for ACES DOWN and while I had a definite deadline to turn it around, I was pushing it to get another run through, just in case. So, when I tripped UP the stairs at my office while carrying my galley and a full cup of morning nirvana, i.e. coffee, this is what happened.




Yep, just call me Grace! After the massive clean up, fortunately we did not have to call in professional assistance, I was draping the coffee-soaked pages all over an empty office and I realized it was a sign. Time to set it free.

Writers, crafters, artists, poets, et al – when do you know that it’s time to let go?


My Time at MyTime Womens Show

Today was a dreary, cold day outside, but inside the Hampton Convention Center, things were quite the opposite. The Tea & Strumpets were back at the MyTimes Womens Show and the booth was hopping. So many lovely ladies stopped by to say hello, browse our books, and share their thoughts about reading. I never really left the booth, but from the sounds of it, there were some exciting presentations as well as a widely diverse range of vendors.

My sister Strumpets were in full swing, chatting, laughing, and smiling.


And I got to wear my new hat.MTWS_2015_2

A lovely day and an event I plan to attend again.

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