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Random thoughts-got any to spare?

Just popping in to spend a little quality time with my blog. I know it gets kinda lonely out here and wanted to give it a little random love.

box-312388_640Life update – prepping for move to new home – mucho excited, maybe a bit more scared. Even though I’ve done it many times, there’s always that little voice asking am I doing everything necessary? Am I doing it all correctly? Have I missed anything? DH is optimistically planning to empty four FULL Smartboxes–By Himself–in 48 hours. He’s just moving it all from box to garage, but honestly, I think he’s crazy. And he’s scheduled it when I’m not available to help. Yeah, how many kinds of crazy is he? Well, that’s a matter for another post. But ya’ gotta love an optimistic man!

font-705667_640Writing update – cobbling A Matter of Time together. Using components of early incarnation (Tarnished Goods) to fill in gaps of newest version. New title – new plotline – same characters – similar issues – different crises. I feel it’s a true example of the whole being better than the sum of its parts. At the same time, I’m trying to do a short story romance. Yeah, maybe my DH is not the only crazy one in this households, eh?

So, since misery loves company, what’s going on in your life? Do Tell!

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