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Apocalypse, Nah: Why Dating Will Survive Tinder

Is Tinder to blame for the Dating Apocalypse? Alexa Day’s take on the Vanity Fair article and the brouhaha it ignited. Got thoughts?


This Is How It Starts: Kate Breslin’s For Such A Time

My dear friend and author, Alexa Day posted an insightful blog about the controversy over the RWA Rita’s Finalist, FOR SUCH A TIME. The RWA has defended the situation citing a determination to insure no censorship in the RITA’S, and I applaud their position. What I don’t applaud is the fact that the JUDGES did not weed it out themselves. What does this say about the Judges, published romance authors? I shudder to think. What do YOU think?

3-2-1 – Launch! Aces Down is Up

As of this date in 2015, Aces Down has been officially launched upon the world.


Solitary witch Norah Cartwright settled in Colorado’s silver country, seeking protection from vengeful werewolves and a place to rebuild her life. When her former boyfriend, Tristan Byrnes, shows up at her bar, Aces Down, it seems there’s not enough silver in them hills after all. At least, not for a werewolf determined to win back his mate. Instead of flowers, Tristan brings proof that the pack has been called off, but he never guessed that his proof was more time-bomb than peace-offering. When her past blows up in her face, is Norah strong enough to trust Tristan and defeat an attack from beyond the grave?

Aces Down evolved from a writing exercise given to our critique group, led by Bud Webster. I enjoyed meeting Norah and Tristan and their story captured me. With that famous line from Casablanca running through my brain – Of all the gin joints in all the towns…, I began to build on the short story in hopes of arriving at a longer, salable length story. ACES DOWN is the result – a romance where a betrayed witch must decide if she can trust her heart and her magic to save her.

I’ll be posting tidbits and promotion over on my facebook page and hope that you’ll join in the fun by posting and sharing, and perhaps buying, ACES DOWN!

Coming Full Circle

As I settled down into my chair to write this blog, I was trying to think of something to write about and a memory snuck up on me.

Back when dirt was new, I dreamed of being a writer. I don’t remember exactly how old I was when this dream took hold, but I remember commandeering the family’s card table, a folding chair, and my parent’s portable manual typewriter. Yep, old school. Not even electric. Just push keys and a return bar you grabbed and hauled back to advance to the next line.

Keyword - Antique - OUCH! Image courtesy Pixabay

Keyword – Antique – OUCH!
Image courtesy Pixabay

My first opus was a Christmas play. My father was an actor for the local children’s theater and I wanted to write a children’s play about the true meaning of Christmas as told by Santa Claus. I remember assembling my tools – paper and typing eraser – and I had my reference material – our family Bible. Then, focused on my goal, I pounded away on that typewriter until my play was complete. I remember thumbing back and forth through that Bible to find the various aspects of the story, determined to keep the story accurate and factual, but entertaining. I’ve no idea how long it took, but I remember I did finish it and read it to my parents who praised me for my effort. I don’t think they believed I’d finish it; I was young enough to believe that I’d always finish my writing. Ah, the optimism of youth.

Fast forward to today where I’m in the midst of a triple move. Yeah, we sold our house in December and had to move in with my Mom temporarily while we looked for a new house to purchase–Move One. Last month, we bought our dream home and moved everything into it except me–Move Two. Now we’re working to pack Mom’s things so we can move her and me into the house this month–Move Three. Yeah, life has been a little crazy.

Anywho, staying at Mom’s means I don’t have an office, so once more I’m writing on a card table and today it hit me. I’d come full circle to that girl with a dream. Thanks to technology, I don’t need paper OR erasers and any reference material I need is as close as a Google search, but I did it.


AcesDown_Cover_300I’m looking forward to the release of my third book, ACES DOWN, courtesy of The Wild Rose Press and I’m old enough to realize that finishing the book isn’t all that easy. But it’s still just as exciting as it was that day I pulled the last sheet of paper from the platen, tapped it into alignment with the other sheets, and carried it in to show to my parents.

Yeah, that moment when I type “The End” is a thrill that will never get old. And every time, I celebrate with as much joy and pride as that little girl seated at the rickety card table in front of that old portable typewriter.

Do you have a full circle type story to share? I’d love to hear it.

I’m prepping to place my bet on ACES DOWN

Writing a novel takes a L-O-N-G time.

Getting it sold takes however long it takes.

Editing it takes less time, but seems longer.

Finally, you wait for your publisher to slip you into the production stream and then BAM!

You’ve got a Release Date and you’re off to the publicity races!

My latest entrant in that race is ACES DOWN and I’m in the line-up for launch on July 8th.

It’s a hot time at Aces Down when a witch and a shapeshifter square off against a vengeful ghost.


My newest Paranormal Romance will be available through my favorite publisher, The Wild Rose Press, as well as through Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

Stay tuned for more celebratory posts and some prize-winning opportunities.

I wish you The World

My final thoughts over at the Tea & Strumpets blog. We’re shutting down the group blog, but staying on fb, so don’t think you’re getting away from us that easily.

Tea N Strumpets

Avatar_Square_150x15By Denise Golinowski

Myth Perceptions

Like the Fool in the Tarot, we Strumpets have traveled a long and winding roll during our time on this blog. Now, we’ve reached the end of our journey and stand on the precipice of the next new thing.

The World card is, for me, a card about that moment between. As the adage goes, when one door closes, another opens. This card represents that moment, that space–the antechamber. In this space, with the old path closing or closed behind you and the new yet to be discovered or begun, you have the opportunity, nay, the obligation to review what brought you here and the tools you’ve gained that will carry you forward into the next cycle.

We are always learning, evolving, gaining skills and insights and these are the gifts we bring to the table when starting something anew. Sometimes we can’t see where…

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Just hanging around – or not

Wanted to give a shout-out today to a handy little device that I just could not live without. The purse hanger!

There is NOTHING more irritating to a lady than settling into a seat at a restaurant and having no place to put her purse. If it’s a shoulder bag, you can sometimes hook it around the back of the chair, but a rounded chairback or sitting in a booth can put the kibosh on that idea. No matter how nice the restaurant, the condition of the floor makes putting your handbag on the floor a germaphobe’s nightmare. Balancing it on your shoes is impractical and your lap is not a viable option either. Using an available empty chair at the table or space on the booth seat works if there’s room.

And right here, let me applaud the bars that have thoughtfully installed hooks under the counter, but they are sadly few and far in between.

So, it was with pure delight that I discovered the purse hanger. I don’t know when they were developed, but I discovered them quite by accident. A discount bin at the local Books A Million to be specific. I immediately bought them for myself and as gifts. One of those lovely little gadgets that make life so much easier.

Here’s a fervent thank you to the designer of the purse hanger!

20150423_08022220150423_080302Here are a few shots of my most treasured hanger – with the so appropriate red wine glass design. One action shot and then how the little pouch on my fav purse is the perfect storage spot. Never gets lost in the bottom of the bag this way.

Do you have one of these lovelies? How did you find out about them? Feel free to share pics.

Random thoughts-got any to spare?

Just popping in to spend a little quality time with my blog. I know it gets kinda lonely out here and wanted to give it a little random love.

box-312388_640Life update – prepping for move to new home – mucho excited, maybe a bit more scared. Even though I’ve done it many times, there’s always that little voice asking am I doing everything necessary? Am I doing it all correctly? Have I missed anything? DH is optimistically planning to empty four FULL Smartboxes–By Himself–in 48 hours. He’s just moving it all from box to garage, but honestly, I think he’s crazy. And he’s scheduled it when I’m not available to help. Yeah, how many kinds of crazy is he? Well, that’s a matter for another post. But ya’ gotta love an optimistic man!

font-705667_640Writing update – cobbling A Matter of Time together. Using components of early incarnation (Tarnished Goods) to fill in gaps of newest version. New title – new plotline – same characters – similar issues – different crises. I feel it’s a true example of the whole being better than the sum of its parts. At the same time, I’m trying to do a short story romance. Yeah, maybe my DH is not the only crazy one in this households, eh?

So, since misery loves company, what’s going on in your life? Do Tell!

Major/Minor – Military Ranks? Musical Keys?

Talking about the Tarot’s Major Arcana over at Tea N Strumpets blog

Tea N Strumpets

f2be0-avatar_square_150x15by Denise Golinowski

Welcome to Myth Perceptions!

So, Major/Minor? Here, I talking Tarot terminology, and more specifically, the two “halves” of the Tarot deck. Though half may be a misnomer because the Major Arcana has 22 cards and the Minor Arcana has 56. However, they are the two parts of the deck, so tomayto, tomahto. And this month, I’m going to focus on the Major Arcana.

When looking at that 78 card deck, 22 cards of the Major Arcana are easy to separate out because each card has a specific title – The Fool, The Magician, The Lovers, Death – to name a few.

4TarotThese cards are usually viewed as carrying more esoteric or karmic resonance than the Minor Arcana. Frequently, the Major Arcana is also described as the Fool’s Journey, or the soul’s evolutionary cycle, with the cards within it represent major events in the Querent’s life. When multiple…

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Editing = Hard Copy of Galley + Coffee / Or Not

Writers are always asking themselves and each other, repeatedly, “when do you know you’re done?” with the draft, the edits, the book! It’s a hard question to answer. Even those far greater than I seem to have struggled with this question – why even Leonardo da Vinci said, “Art is never finished, only abandoned.”

I usually make the call when the thought of reading through my current WIP makes me green about the gills. If I’m that tired of it, it’s time to set it free! Hmm, something about that doesn’t quite sound right, but it’s in the ballpark.

Anyway, I was reviewing my galley for ACES DOWN and while I had a definite deadline to turn it around, I was pushing it to get another run through, just in case. So, when I tripped UP the stairs at my office while carrying my galley and a full cup of morning nirvana, i.e. coffee, this is what happened.




Yep, just call me Grace! After the massive clean up, fortunately we did not have to call in professional assistance, I was draping the coffee-soaked pages all over an empty office and I realized it was a sign. Time to set it free.

Writers, crafters, artists, poets, et al – when do you know that it’s time to let go?

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