Writing Prompt – Remembrance

Yesterday, I received an amazing photo writing prompt from The Writing Practice. Guest Blogger, Birgitte Rasine reminded us about the upcoming anniversary of one of the world’s worst tsunami’s – The Indian Ocean Tsunami of December 2004. Almost a quarter of a million people lost their lives. She shared the image below by a photographer named Dan Root. This untouched photographic image is part of an amazing website – http://tsunami.lucita.net/index.html.

(C) 2005 Daniel Root/LUCITA Images

(C) 2005 Daniel Root/LUCITA Images

People ask me about the photograph.

Tacked to my bulletin board amid notes, ticket stubs, and other scraps of my life, the photo never fails to catch the eye. And each time they ask, I have to stop. Stop to absorb it all again–the beauty, the simplicity, the pain.

“A friend sent it to me back in 2004,” I’d say, the words so simple, but always so difficult to say. “He was working on assignment in Sri Lanka.”

I wait, and sometimes there is a reaction, a blink, a soft indrawn breath, followed by an equally soft, “I’m sorry.”

However, the reaction comes less and less often as time and events push that nightmare December 2004 farther backward in the collective consciousness of my world, half a planet away from the site of that cataclysmic event. A day when the earth shrugged and over 200,000 souls cried out in terror and were lost. One of them, a quiet brown-eyed poet with a camera; a talented photographer whose amazing skill captured that simple majestic moment. For those losses, for that loss, I keep the photo as a reminder, never farther away than an upward glance.

Every day is precious, everyone is magic, and everything is sacred. Live, love, laugh, and remember, always remember.

In remembrance and in hope.


About Denise Golinowski

I write "Fantasy with a Kiss of Romance" and love reading same. I hope that together we can share our experiences - likes and loves - as we read and I write, together.

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