Another Success – James River Writers Conference #JRW14

#JRW14 is in the books and an unqualified success based on the comments overheard throughout the weekend. Quality panels, intriguing topics, pleasant venue, and professional management by both conference and hotel staff. I’ve come to expect nothing less from the James River Writers and am delighted to see the event evolve every year.

Full House at First Pages

Full House at First Pages

However, the strongest piece of the conference experience is interacting with other writers. There’s something magical and empowering in the question: What do you write? Being in a place where the response is both tendered and received without hesitation or fear of judgment is liberating. We speak the same language. We share the same experience. Differences in genre are not obstacles, but opportunities. Opportunities to make connections, network.

I won’t attempt a major recap, but I wanted to throw out some fun tidbits I scribbled in my notebook. Here’s a few soundbites from the conference:

Banish the banal from your beginnings.

Net Galley, Scribd, Blockbuster, Better than Free, Terrible Minds

A pitch is like a poem where every word counts

Literary citizen

Decide what are your cheese cubes – what you have to offer to attract attention

Delightfully imperfect – description of Jim Henson by Brian Jay Jones and something worth aspiring to be

Oh, the list goes on and on, but I’m too tired to decipher my scrawl. Every experience absorbed and now time to digest.

Lastly, my deepest thanks and proudest moment was receiving the Emyl Jenkins award. I couldn’t be prouder nor feel more humble.

Write on!


About Denise Golinowski

I write "Fantasy with a Kiss of Romance" and love reading same. I hope that together we can share our experiences - likes and loves - as we read and I write, together.

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