Questions? No Answers, just plodding along.

Do not seek so much to find the answer as much as to understand the question better.

SNARKY RESPONSE: That’s not what they say in the Test instructions.


My OS is OTH (Over The Hill)

My home computer has become semi-obsolete with the demise of Windows XP. Now: buy a new tower, upgrade this one, or switch to a laptop? A tablet is not for me. I’m old-school and I like the tactile effect of a keyboard. Testing out the laptop for now. Missing my mouse and full size keyboard, but adjusting.

Cinching it in!

Cinching it in!

My new weight loss program is going well. I’m losing on a nice steady, slow scale. I’m eating much better and learning to eat a few things I hadn’t been willing to do before. Best thing is that I’m beginning to kinda enjoy the exercise side of things. Free weights are challenging, however, I enjoy the challenge. The cardio is less enjoyable until it’s over. Then, it’s not bad. LOL

Timing is Everything

Timing is Everything

Finally,shortening the timeline on Aces Down sounded easy enough until I realized just how fast things would have to move and how my seasonal cues would have to change in order to line up. Yes, it’s pretty obvious on the outside, but the implementation is a bear. Fingers crossed.

Definitely short on answers right now, but working on the questions.


About Denise Golinowski

I write "Fantasy with a Kiss of Romance" and love reading same. I hope that together we can share our experiences - likes and loves - as we read and I write, together.

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  1. Leah St. James

    I love my laptop but had to get one large enough for me to feel at ease typing. (To get the right touch is so important, isn’t it?) Have fun shopping and testing! Good luck with the exercise/food plan. I love doing free weights and, like you, endure the cardio. Just stick with it and after a while you do it by habit … sort of. 🙂 On Aces Down, I think knowing what to change is the bulk of the battle! Have fun!

    • Thanks, Leah. I am trying to adjust. I wonder however about the durability of the keyboard. I have chipped the letters off two keyboards since I bought my old Tower and wonder if the laptop keyboard will wear away as well. Gives a new meaning to “hard as nails” doesn’t it? I think it’s a rare bird who enjoys cardio, unless they were athletes from the get-go. Just MHO. See you soon!

  2. Ah, the old laptop vs desktop dilemma. As the other commenter said, if the keyboard and mouse size is important to you, you can always just get a large laptop and a mouse to go with it. That way you get the portable advantages of having a laptop without sacrificing too much of the comfort you like. You’ll get used to it eventually anyway.

    • Hi! Thanks for commenting. Yeah, I have a wireless keyboard and mouse from the old tower, so I’m thinking of putting that on a multi-hub when I’m using the laptop. Might even tap into the monitor that way as well. Our IT guy told me about using both laptop & monitor for 2 screens. Cool idea but not sure I need that much acreage. As for tower versus laptop, I think you’re right about the portability advantage. Thanks for dropping in!

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