A good story can be a real killer & Your Monday Fortune Cookie, 12/30/13

What doesn’t kill us usually makes for a good story.

SNARKY RESPONSE:  And afterwards, it’s best told with copious amounts of alcohol.

What doesn’t kill us usually makes for a good story.

Isn’t it strange how often the sad stories, the difficult issues, and the painful episodes are the ones that we harken back to the most? Tragedies are infinitely more relatable than comedies. And, if you look closely at any comedy, you’ll find the funniest things are built around a moment of pain, be it slapstick or satire, someone’s hurting in there somewhere. The difference is that experiencing tragedies is more often private while comedies are public. We withdraw with sadness, but we fling ourselves outward with laughter. This is my observation and my experience.

As writers, we are lucky to be expected to break with that pattern and outwardly share both the sorrows and joys of our characters. Only if we convey the emotional depths properly can we hope to bring our readers the connection they need and desire in a good story. So, we hoard every experience, good or bad, recording the stimuli and response so we can remember it for the page. And what we don’t or can’t actually experience, we delve into our imaginations, building on the closest proximity, and creating the best facsimile we can.

So, writers and readers, take heart and this advice, when life hands you lemons, yes, you can make lemonade, but be sure that  you also take notes. Someone, somewhere, somewhen is gonna ask you how you did it. Trust me.


About Denise Golinowski

I write "Fantasy with a Kiss of Romance" and love reading same. I hope that together we can share our experiences - likes and loves - as we read and I write, together.

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  1. This is a very insightful piece, Denise! As a writer, I do take from life's experiences, both good and bad. I find that my poetry, as Joanna Lee has informed me, comes directly from my heart. 🙂

  2. Hi, Stacy! Happy New Year! Thank you for the kind comment and poetry does lend itself beautifully to delving into life experiences. Writing of any kind is so cathartic and then the required revising helps to provide a little push-me/pull-you of digging deeper for emotion and drawing back to hone the words to crystalline brilliance.

  3. Great advice, Denise. It's that real emotion that draws me to a story!

  4. Thanks for dropping by, Leah. Indeed, anything less is just a police report. LOL Just the facts, ma'am, just the facts.

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