Happy New Year! Let’s Review, Shall We?

Happy New Year!

2013 has dawned and it’s time to begin anew.

It’s all about time!
Writer’s Wall Clock from CafePress.com

No, I’m not talking “New Year’s Resolutions,” but it’s almost impossible not to get bit by the NYR Bug. It’s everywhere. Commercials are bombarding us with diet plans, exercise plans, fitness club memberships, videos, and such. And your friends are probably asking about your NYRs as subtle, or not so subtle, segues into listing their own ambitious goals.
But here, at the dawning of a New Year, possibly seen through the fog of the old year’s hangover, let’s take a moment to pause, take a breath, and celebrate the year just past. We’ve completed twelve months of ups and downs and we should give ourselves credit where credit is due instead of just brushing it aside and rushing off.
Since this is my blog, I’ll start. 2012 highlights included the sale of my novella, Collector’s Item, my son, Carl’s marriage to the lovely Erin, the passing of my furry companion, Lovejoy, corroboration with a wonderful group of women writers on a group blog, “Words, Women, Wisdom,” VRW’s For the Love of Writing Conference, JRW’s Writers Conference, a successful NaNoWriMo, first trip to the Porches with the Porches Divas, good health, friendship and love—yeah!

That’s enough about me.
Now it’s your turn!

About Denise Golinowski

I write "Fantasy with a Kiss of Romance" and love reading same. I hope that together we can share our experiences - likes and loves - as we read and I write, together.

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  1. I love your blog, Denise! My 2012 highlights include, the birth of our first grandchild, being included in an anthology that will be published this year, becoming a true published author, starting my blog and getting more information about my biological family!

  2. Hi! Thank you for stopping by. It HAS been a good year and one filled with examples of your strength. Here's to an even better year in 2013.

  3. Sure, I'll play. I was in the Bahamas last year on Christmas eve when “Homemade Sin” was released. Then Richmond Shakespeare produced a staged reading of my play, “Shakespeare in the Trailer Park” in April. I spent the summer editing my novel “Church of the Path of Least Resistance” which was released in Oct, right before the JRW conference at which I was honored to serve on two panels. Since then I have completed the first and second drafts of my new book, a Wizard of Oz reimagining, called “And Your Little Dog Too” should be ready for the agents by March…Whew.

  4. Congratulations, Mark! What a stellar year for you! I've every confidence that 2013 will show more of the same. Looking forward to it.

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